Did you know that certain manufacturers have Collision Certification Programs to ensure their vehicles are being safely repaired? Many vehicle owners are unaware of these programs but they are vital to ensuring your vehicle is properly repaired.

We fix all makes and models but we are proud to be a part of the following certification programs:

Certified collision repair facility for:





Tesla Auto Body Repair

Our North Vancouver location is certified to perform all Tesla repairs. We were required to go through an audit performed by Tesla, purchase specific Tesla tooling and our technicians underwent intensive Tesla-specific training before becoming certified.

Audi / Volkswagen Auto Body Repair

Our Richmond location is proud to be the only structural aluminum facility for Audi in Western Canada. We are certified by Audi to work on any and all structural damage to your Audi in addition to non-structural damage.
Audi maintains extremely high requirements for becoming and staying structurally certified. In order to ensure your Audi is repaired as per OEM standards we have:
• Skilled technicians that have completed rigorous training at the Audi North America’s training facility and are experts on structural aluminum repairs. They must maintain their training annually and renew it periodically.
• A designated Audi Room and equipment for Audi structural repairs.
• Extensive audits directed by Audi to ensure we are continuing to uphold the high standards of the Audi brand.
• Ensured all OEM repair procedures are being followed 

Porsche Auto Body Repair


Our Richmond and Langley locations are proud to be two of only three Porsche certified collision centres in Metro Vancouver. Porsche knows that only the most specific repair procedures, equipment and training can guarantee your Porsche is returned to you like new.
In order to provide our Porsche customers with certified repairs we have:
• Technicians at each of our certified locations that are specifically trained to repair Porsches; they’ve undergone extensive training at Porsche’s training Centre
• Estimators that have undergone thorough training with Porsche so they are educated on how to properly plan the repair process for your Porsche.
• Porsche-approved equipment and tools that will be exclusively used to repair your Porsche
• Ensured all OEM repair procedures are being followed


BMW / Mini Auto Body Repair


Our Richmond, Coquitlam, Langley and North Vancouver locations are BMW & MINI certified. BMW & MINI are high volume vehicles that require the utmost care and attention when undergoing repairs. We have implemented the following:
• Highly trained BMW & Mini repair technicians at all of our locations; training includes both in class at the BMW learning centre and online training
• Car-O-Liner measuring system to ensure all repairs are completed as per BMW standards
• We follow all OEM repair procedures  


Lexus Auto Body Repair


We are able to repair all Lexus makes and models. If you have any questions regarding the repair process please do not hesitate to call or email one of our locations. We have undergone Lexus audits to ensure our facilities are up to their standards.


Toyota / Scion Auto Body Repair



We are able to repair all makes and models of Toyota and Scion; our technicians, estimators and managers participate in training every year put on by Toyota. We also undergo Toyota audits to maintain our certification.


Acura/Honda Auto Body Repair



Our Richmond, Langley and North Vancouver locations have achieved ProFirst Certification which is recognized by Honda and Acura. Our technicians have completed training specifically designed by Honda & Acura to ensure the proper repair procedures are followed. Our facilities have all passed an intensive audit to achieve this certification.
Our Richmond location is ACURA NSX certified; we are one of only two shops in Canada to achieve this certification and the only shop in Western Canada.

Lamborghini Auto Body Repair



Our Richmond location is certified to perform all Lamborghini repairs. Due to the carbon fibre and aluminum present in new models, an extensive audit process, intensive training and equipment requirements had to be met in order to become certified. We are one of two shops in Canada certified in Lamborghini repairs and the only shop in Western Canada.


Jaguar Land Rover Auto Body Repair


Our Langley location is proud to be a Jaguar & Land Rover certified collision repair facility. Choosing a certified facility ensures your vehicle is repaired safely and to manufacturer specifications every time.

In order to meet the strict requirements set out by Jaguar Land Rover we have:
- Undergone intense facility audits performed by Jaguar Land Rover
- Highly trained technicians that have completed Jaguar Land Rover-specific training
- Jaguar Land Rover-approved tooling and equipment
- Access to Jaguar Land Rover repair procedures


Other Makes & Models:

Many vehicle brands such as Hyundai, Infiniti, Ford, etc. do not currently have an official certification process but that does not mean we are unable to fix these vehicles. We accept all makes and models and will be happy to answer any questions you may have about your specific type of vehicle.